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    I currently have LinuxMINT 18 installed. I am attempting to use Foxit reader to open a secrure PDF.

    (the long explanation)

    I have both the linux version of Foxit, and the windows version (using WINE) installed. I cannot get Foxit to open my school textbook. I have read many suggestions online on how to remove the security. This is not an option, as I will not jerpidize my attendence in University. The pdf in question is secured with - Vitrium Systems Inc. -protectedpdf version 2014-7-26 (version 4.1 2014-02-27 Release 4).

    Can anyone tell me if this program can open up this securePDF? If yes, how would I go about this. I am starting here first because it is the program I am using.

    Thank you all for your time.

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    Dear B_2017J,

    Thanks for your post.Would you please help to send us one PDF file sample that you try to open for us to take a closer look at first?
    The file you send will be kept confidential and only be used for internal testing.If it is inconvenience to upload the file here, you may email it to (Attn:Lisa). And indicate this thread link. Thank you.