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Problems with forms in Foxit Reader for iOS on iPad

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  • Problems with forms in Foxit Reader for iOS on iPad

    We have created a PDF form using Foxit PhantomPDF (Version This form is password protected and contains functionality for field validations, tick boxes, drop down lists, calculations for imperial to metric conversion - generally from the lost focus event of the field. It also has a Submit button that first checks for mandatory fields.

    This form works as designed on Windows PC (using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC V17.9 and Foxit Reader 8.3.1) and on Mac OS X (using Acrobat Reader DC V2017.009.20058).

    Testing on iPad with Foxit MobilePDF there seem to be several problems:
    1. Mandatory fields are not highlighted differently to non-mandatory fields.
    2. Field validation does not work (NHS Number, dates, postcodes, email addresses).
    3. Drop downs do not work - the list is displayed but you cannot tap to select the value (typing the first letter of the value repeatedly on the on-screen keyboard scrolls through the values that begin with the letter, tapping outside the field selects the highlighted value - this is not intuitive for users). One of the pick lists (Ethnic Origin) shows scroll bar which does not work.
    4. Tapping out of Height/Weight fields after entering a value shows 0. Tapping back into the field shows the originally entered value. The conversion calculations do not work.
    5. Submit button (sends completed form as email attachment) ignores mandatory fields. Submission should be blocked if mandatory fields are not completed.
    Test document attached - password is "fox".

    As the form was created in Foxit PhantomPDF (which we have purchased) we are expecting that the form should work as designed when opened with Foxit Reader on all platforms. It is particularly important that this works on iPad.

    Many thanks,

    Mike Birdsall
    Software Developer

    P.S - The form also has problems when opened with Foxit Reader in Mac OS X, although we are not too concerned about this at the moment.
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    I tested the mentioned problem on my side with Foxit Reader for iPad version 5.5.1. My results were as following:
    1) Same problem;
    2) The Field validation with "NHS Number" and "Date of Birth" worked fine. "postcodes" and "email addresses" didn't work.
    3) Drop down for “Ethnic Origin” worked fine;
    4) INCH and METERS worked fine. But FT, ST, LBS or KILOS didn't work;
    5) Submit didn't work.

    May I encourage you to update to version 5.5.1 and see if the problem is the same as mine? I've reported this issue to Foxit internal bug tracking system for QA and Dev team's further investigation. Report ID#: MOB-1597. The Report ID# of the problem in Foxit Reader for Mac is: MACLNX-1731.
    You may email to with the ID# to track the processing status.

    Thank you.


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      I'm facing some problem it was working smoothly on my iPad Pro when it was running on ios 10 however as I have updated to ios 11.3 whenever now I am opening the app it only loads a blank screen on the startup and crashes after a while automatically. How do I fix it?

      with regards


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        Sorry for the trouble. Are you using Foxit Reader for iOS version6.4? If yes,please help to correct the crashlog for further investigation, it needs the program iTools, you can download it from the following link, and install it on your computer.
        iTools for Windows 7/8/8.1/10
        iTools for Mac OS
        After install, please connect your device to computer and launch iTools, run Foxit again to reproduce the issue, then go to Toolbox>Crash Log(see the screenshot), send us the log.

        In addition, would you please help to reinstall Foxit on your iPad to see if it helps?
        You can use iTools to backup files in Foxit program before reinstall.
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          It was quite helpful.