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Foxit Software neglecting the security of their software?

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  • Feedback Foxit Software neglecting the security of their software?


    I recently read about several the two security issues that the Foxit Reader software contains, found and reported by the company TippingPoint. It was also mentioned that you're not willing to fix these issues because the safe reading mode prevents these wholes being misused.

    I installed Foxit reader on every client in my company by thinking this is a more reliable software than Adobe Reader, in terms of speed, usability and security. But this kind of mentality really shocked me. Is this the way customers are treated by your company? How can you even expect your users to completely know what they are doing, while a lot of people don't even know the different between a PDF file and an exe file? Haven't you heard of ransomware attacks easily go through the Word safe modus because people just do what the documents asks them to do?

    I hope you would reconsider this decision and treat the security of your software very serious. This is the only way we can keep trusting completely in your software.

    See for source:

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    Massive own goal. Foxit Reader removed from all my Uni's computers. Quote from email informing users:
    The developers of the Foxit Reader software has advised that it will not apply any security update to the software.


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      tomtom DuncanW Thanks for reaching out to us. Foxit always takes safety very seriously and put security first. Regarding the security vulnerability you mentioned has already been addressed in our most current version of Foxit Reader 8.3.2.For details,please refer to the following page:

      Following is link for downloading our most current version of Foxit Reader 8.3.2:

      Any further potential security vulnerability,please help to email to our security mailing list:
      ,and our security team will work on the issues there quickly.