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Foxit doesn't refresh a file if it changes

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  • Bug Foxit doesn't refresh a file if it changes

    In Linux, if I open a pdf with foxit and after I recompile or change the pdf and I re-open it, Foxit doesn't show the changes. Maybe it saves the file in caché and it doesn't reload it.
    To solve it, I need to close the opened pdf and reopen it again.

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    Dear nboettcher,

    I am sorry that I can not replicate this issue you mentioned.We need to know that which application you used to make changes in PDF file? Did you open the PDF file with Foxit Reader for linux and then made changes in the PDF file in our Foxit Reader for linux , closed PDF file and opened it again in Foxit Reader,then you found that Foxit didn't show any changes that you have made?
    It is better if you could help to rephrase the whole work flow that you have done,so that we could strictly follow your instructions.


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      Hello, I have the same need. It would be really nice to be able to refresh a pdf. It does not depend on the app we use to make changes (it could be a move). I just want a button to close and reopen my document.

      For example :
      1/ open a foo.pdf with foxitreader
      2/ move any pdf file in place of foo.pdf (in linux shell : mv foo2.pdf foo.pdf)
      3/ refresh pdf file



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        Louson ,
        Thanks for your response.I have submitted the suggestion"Add a refresh button in Foxit Reader for Linux to refresh changes in PDF file" as a new
        feature to our product marketing team with suggestion ID#MACLNX-2783.

        Any further questions or concerns,please contact us any time.


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          I am using version of evince, it does auto refresh the files which are generated on my Linux machine but displayed under Windows via a samba share (on a portrait monitor at 1200x1920 pixels).
          see: , &
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