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  • Printing Long Pages

    I had much trouble doing this this. A lot of Googhle searches to no avail.
    I finally decoded how to do it. I suggest you add a tip to your manual.
    Tiling Large Pages
    This can happen when you have captured a document in your browser using something such as SNAP.
    The result is a single page which is too long for an A4 page. It shows as a long narrow page in the print screen.
    Select Tile Large pages.
    Try a zoom of 50% for example.
    Open the printer properties and select Preview before printing.
    Then print and see what the preview shows.
    It probably fiddles around showing how many pages are required,
    If it is no good, cancel the printing and keep trying other zooms.
    Note that duplex printing might be useful.
    Maybe this is obvious but it bothered me a lot. I have previously have used a lot of Alt7 snapshots.

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    Dear RonN,

    Do you mean print PDF file witt "Page Scaling" select the "Tile Large Pages" in Foxit Reader print dialog box?
    If so,this "Tile Large Pages" option is for you to tile a large PDF page into several smaller papers.
    In Foxit PhantomPDF user manual,it has already described this feature under the "Print Handling"part (in page 204 in the user manual for Foxit Reader 8.3):