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Series of FDF files like database

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  • FAQ Series of FDF files like database

    We are hospital users,storing patient data in fillable pdf forms and then saving them as FDF files.

    We are looking for a solution like this:

    we need to view the FDF files in Foxit reader for each patient.Right now we are opening each individual FDF files and viewing them.
    we think that it would be nice,if we can have the series of FDF files on the left side and then the displayed form on the right,so that we can see all the data and edit and save back the form contents easily without having to click and open the FDF files individually.

    Can anyone help us how to to this?

    Thanks in advance for all the help with gratitude

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    As I know, the FDF file should be opened with its PDF form, it cannot be opened individually, when you input data, it will save to PDF form, you can go to Form>Export to save the data to FDF file.


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      Thank You.
      Understood. What i mean is, i should have a list of FDF files on left and see them on a single PDF.,essentially like a database of FDF on left and PDF form on right.Needless to say that all the FDF will have the same data structure. Can yo uget it. Let me explain it how...
      Say for example we have a Single PDF form to capture Nursing Details.Imagine we capture details of 50 patients on the same form and saving the data in FDF files for each patient.
      Now the FDF will have the same data structure and the PDF form same. I should be able to see the details on the PDF form for each individual FDF,which will be shown as a list on left side and the single PDF form on right.
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