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iOS app can't receive files! Series of bugs

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  • iOS app can't receive files! Series of bugs

    The iOS app (I am using in my iPAD PRO 9.7 128 GB wifi only, iOS 11.0.3, and also last FOXIT PDF version) can't download large PDFs from Google Drive. Always says TIMEOUT, CODE ERROR: 1001 while trying to download.

    When I try sending a file using the WIFI (internal settings from the app), if the file has over 100 MB the upload is interrupted before 100%.

    When I try using Documents by Readdle or any other app such as nPlayer the PDFs are not sent to FOXIT. Instead at best you can open them, but they are not stored in the app, they remain in the "RECENT FILES" area, meaning they aren't phisically stored.

    I don't know what else to do... unfortunately with so many bugs I will have to use another PDF reader, unless you guys can fix all these problems. Another annoying issue with uploading through WIFI is that we can only send one file at time.

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    Hi Perene,

    Sorry for the trouble. We will Optimize the workflow of Wifi Transfer function in future update.

    For downloading file from Google Drive, could you send us a screenshot to show the error message?

    In IOS system, the files are saved in each app respectively, which means the file you downloaded in an app will not be sent to other apps. If you would like to use other app to open a file, you could click Share or More option and then choose 'Use another app to open it' or 'Send copy to' other app. Have you tried this function? If the file sent from other app is listed in Recent Files, there will be a copy of the file in Documents.