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Feature Request: Integrated access to local copy of User Manual

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  • Feature Request: Integrated access to local copy of User Manual

    Feature Request: Allow the 'Help" - "User Manual" button, to open a local copy of the Foxit User Manual, IF one exists on the user's computer.

    Presently, this button only connects to an on-line page ( where one can choose which one of several versions of manuals to download (today there are 16 listings)

    A "Preferences" - "Help" panel could be added to specify the file location of the downloaded file. If a location were entered the button would open the local copy. If no location entered, the button would go to the existing download page. The software could be adjusted so that when a new version of help is available, the "Preference" would be reset, and the user would be reminded to update his local copy.

    I made a similar comment in 2015 and administrator "Cherry" replied.

    07-29-2015, 03:10 AM

    Hi nobody_special,

    Currently "Help"->"User Manual" will not link to a local copy of user manual in Foxit Reader. I've forwarded your comments as suggestion to PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-5033. Thank you.
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    For non-Enterprise Reader (installed with .exe setup), it will open the user manual download links web page once we click "Help"->"User Manual". If you'd like to have the user manual opened directly, you may download .msi Enterprise Reader setup from Foxit website to install. Thank you.