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Any way to run headless or at least not block command line printing?

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  • Any way to run headless or at least not block command line printing?

    With versions 8 and 9 (and I believe 7 although I haven't tried it) when you print from the command line it opens a window. And if anything goes wrong (like it decides to open a modal message, which has happened several times) the window will not close by itself and all future requests to print from the command line are blocked until the process is ended. Even after the window has closed quite often the process is still running and all future requests are blocked.

    Is there any way around this on these newer versions? If no, why not?

    Also, if no, can I please get a download link to the latest version 6 release? (I believe it is v6.2.3.0815)

    I've tested with Foxit 6 and it runs headless and non blocking just fine.

    Also, why can I not install two versions of Foxit on the same machine?

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    Dear Ansarya,

    Thanks for using Foxit Reader.Since V7.0 of Foxit Reader/Foxit PhantomPDF,Foxit Reader/Foxit PhantomPDF window will be opened even if you silent print PDF file via command line and
    the window won't be closed automatically after the printing is finished.This is a know situation and we have submitted the
    suggestion"Users hope to close the Foxit Reader/Phantom window when finishing the silent print via command line" to our internal feature system with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-5996,so that
    it may be considered in future versions.
    For your current workaround,we suggest you install our Foxit PhantomPDF V6.2.1 on your computer for printing PDF files silently,so that you can keep
    our most current version of Foxit Reader 9.0 installed on your computer.
    Following is link for downloading Foxit PhantomPDF 6.2.1: