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Serious Problem: Foxit Reader is deleting my PDF files

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  • Serious Problem: Foxit Reader is deleting my PDF files

    Foxit Reader (version Linux 64bit) is deleting my PDF files. This is a serious problem, and needs a solution.

    I submitted this problem through a web form on (web chat was unavailable at the time), and over 24 hours later, not even an automated response to acknowledge the submission.

    Here's the workflow.

    The Legal department gives me a set of Latex document in French, I translate them into English, generate PDF documents and send them back to Legal for checking.

    Legal marks up the documents using Foxit Reader's commenting tools, and sends the marked-up PDF back to me.

    I work through the comments, checking off as accepted, rejected, completed, adding my responses, and from time to time I hit CTRL-s to save the PDF.

    The first time, the file is saved fine.

    But then Foxit Reader will show me the message "Failed to save document" and when I look, the file no longer exists.

    I've set up a simple logging script that directs the output of ls -al to a text file every two seconds, and I see that the file goes to a size of zero bytes just before it disappears.

    I have reproduced this behaviour on both my local disc and on a network disc; the discs have plenty of spare space and I'm not reaching the limit of any space quota.

    Further information, from testing this morning.

    Start Foxit Reader, redirecting stdout and stderr to text files.

    $ FoxitReader test_comments.pdf 2> foxit_error__test_comments01.txt 1> foxit_out__test_comments01.txt

    Display the navigation panel, comments.

    Comments -> Close All Popup [sic].

    First comment, Set Status -> Completed. Save.

    Document was saved Second comment, Set Status -> Completed.

    Save. I get a message "Failed to save document."

    Click on OK, File -> Exit
    "Do you want to save changes to 'test_comments.pdf' before closing?"
    Click on Save. "Failed to save document."

    Click on OK, File -> Exit "Do you want to save changes to 'test_comments.pdf' before closing?"

    Click on Discard. Nothing happens, Foxit Reader stays on the screen, but now menus are inactive.

    In the terminal window, I hit CTRL-c to close Foxit Reader.

    $ ls -al foxit_*__test_comments01.txt

    -rw-r--r-- 1 rhodes rhodes 23521 Jan 31 09:46 foxit_error__test_comments01.txt
    -rw-r--r-- 1 rhodes rhodes 0 Jan 31 09:41 foxit_out__test_comments01.txt

    $ tail -n20 foxit_error__test_comments01.txt

    CReader_UIProgressEx::setCurrValue begin: 25
    CReader_UIProgressEx::setCurrValue end: 25
    save pos: 25.4
    CReader_DocEx: SaveDocByThread_DoSave: File Permission: QFlags(0x1|0x4|0x10|0x40|0x100|0x200|0x400|0x1000| 0x2000|0x4000)
    DocReaderEx:----DoSaveThread---remove oldfile--true----copyfile failed!!!
    m_bhasAcceptUpdate: 0
    CReader_AppEx::CloseDocument begin: "09:45:03"
    CReader_AppEx::CloseDocument begin: "09:46:26"
    CReader_AppEx::OnCloseDocument 1
    opr: "docClose"
    CReader_AppEx::OnCloseDocument deleteTab begin
    ~CPDF_TVPreview() begin
    ~CPDF_TVPreview() end
    ActivateTab--index= 0 m_nlastIndex= 1
    CReader_AppEx::OnCloseDocument deleteTab end
    ~CReader_DocumentEx() begin: "test_comments.pdf"

    Started again, Checked as "completed" the first five comments.
    CTRL-s to save. Saved OK.
    Do CTRL-s to save a second time, without changing anything, FAIL.

    File -> Exit, clicked on "discard", the program does not exit.

    So it looks like Foxit Reader fails to save a file a second time. Why would this be?
    Last edited by Keith_KRH; 01-31-2018, 08:36 AM. Reason: Reformatted the text (BB software had removed all newlines in first submission)

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    Dear Keith,

    We have received your email in our ticket system which ticket number is #158507.We apologize for the delay in responding to your ticket since we're inundated with hundreds of emails every day these days. For any urgent request next time,we suggest you give us a call directly since we prioritize phone calls over email. Foxit Support line:1-866-693-6948.

    For this issue"Failed to save PDF file and PDF file got deleted",it has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#MACLNX-1182.
    I will keep you informed for any updates about it or you may also write back to [email protected] with this report ID#MACLNX-1182 to track its processing status.


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      Keith ,We have fixed the issue"Failed to save document after comment file, and the file is deleted(report ID#MACLNX-1182)" that you have reported has already been rectified in our latest released version 2.4.4 of Foxit Reader for Linux.Please help to give it a try at your convenience.Following is link for downloading it:


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        Hello Foxit Software Team

        I know I'm reviving an old thread. I just observed the same problem in FoxitReader only recently downloaded from your website.
        Help - About says this is Version: (so probably identical or much newer than the version as indicated by the filenames given above).

        Observed behaviour:
        Open File x.pdf
        Place a few notes in the file (mainly the checkmarks), copying them to various places.
        Save file (maybe it worked once with Ctrl-S?, maybe the error occured immediately when trying to save under a new name? - unsure)
        Save file again / under new name: -> Error: foxit reader failed to save document
        Checking file rights etc., trying other places: nothing works
        Making a printout to a virtual pdf printer: this works as a last rescue, but is not what was desired
        Looking for the original file x.pdf: It is missing from the original directory!

        So not only did the saving attempt fail, but additionally, the original file was lost!

        Leave foxit reader running with all the edits still in memory and visible.
        Placing a new copy of the original file x.pdf in the original directory, THEN chosing save file as... xb.pdf (=new name) in FoxitReader => This works.

        FoxitReader deletes the original file during the attempt to save it. Afterwards, saving does not work any more, because apparently, it attempts to re-use the original file (which it already deleted) for saving.
        When this original file is restored - while the running foxit reader is untouched - the next attempt to save it from foxit reader (including the edits in memory!) works again.

        There's really a *big* fault in foxit reader's save file logic.

        I vaguely remember I have observed this behaviour a long time ago. For myself, I've largely stopped using foxit reader when you changed it's MS Windows GUI to Ribbons with no way out - so I forgot about it.

        But now, I have just recommended Foxit Reader to s.o. because it had some convenient editing functionality under Linux. The next thing is I'm called to help because they cannot save their edits. It's really a pity it shows these problems (and I'm happy I could work around it, but that's nothing for end users).

        I hope this feedback is helpful for you and you may be able to find the source of this behaviour.
        If you need more details, please don't hesitate to get back to me; I'm willing to supply a more detailed description including the used PDF files if you need a reproducible test case.
        Kind regards, Joerg


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          flupdups we are sorry for the trouble when using Foxit. This issue has been reported to our team for checking by ID#MACLNX-2846.
          Currently, due to human resources limited,Our developers have stopped implementing new feature for Foxit Reader for Linux. We will inform you once get any updates. tks


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            I can confirm that the issue still exists in version on Ubuntu 18.04.
            The only way to save the file is using "Save as" which more often than not, I do not want to do.


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              wolfit ,Thanks for your response and I am sorry that Foxit Reader for Linux this product has already been discontinued,so I am afraid that we won't release any newer version of Foxit Reader for Linux for fixing the issue in near future.