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  • IE upgrade reminder

    Hi, following my last update of Foxit on 12/31/2017 I now get a large pop-up "Unsupported Internet Explorer version detected. Some features may not work properly. Upgrade to IE 10 or newer for an optimal experience."

    Internet Explorer was removed from my desktop more than 12 months ago, before I even installed Foxit. The pop up appears each time Foxit is opened and each time I tick the box "Don't show again."

    The Foxit product is great and I have never experienced a problem and before posting here I searched the Forums for a solution so it must only be me experiencing this problem.

    Any thoughts? I'm running W7HP.

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    Could you please open the software->go to "Help"->"About Foxit Reader" to check the version number? Please also make a screenshot of the problem. (To make a screenshot, please press "PrScrn SysRq" on the keyboard, then paste it into Word/Paint and save.).