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How can I customize the list which appear when I right-click?

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  • How can I customize the list which appear when I right-click?

    I am using windows 8.1 64 bits and I want to customize the list of the options which appear when I right-click. I want to stuff in it "add a note" option so that I can quickly add a note instead of doing so by developing the ribbon then select from the section "comment" and then "Add a note" which is more tiring.

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    Currently we don't suport to customize the right-click options list. But we have two optional ways to bring up the note tool easily and quickly:
    1) We could add the Note tool to Quick Access Toolbar. To do that, you may right-click on the blank area of the toolbar, then click "Customize Quick Access Toolbar"->under "Choose commands" section, please choose "Comment"->then Add "Note"->"OK". After this, you could simply click on "Note" tool appeared at the Quick Access Toolbar to add a note;
    2) We could assign a shortcut for Note tool. (Right-click on the area of the toolbar, then click "Customize Quick Access Toolbar"->"Keyboard"->"Comment"->"Note" then assign the shortcut for Note tool.)

    Thank you.


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      I tried the shortcut method and it works.Please are you planning to allow the right-clicking list editing in the future? Because allowing the ribbon to appear diminishes the screen's space for reading and memorizing shortcuts isn't my thing either.
      thank you
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        Could you please let us know your user scenario so I could escalate your request as suggestion to PM team for processing? Thank you.


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          Ok so I use the foxit reader everyday because I have a lot of pdf slides to read from the university courses. I have to therefore disable any source of distraction so I minimize the ribbon to focus on the pdf content and also to get more screen space for reading because my computer screen is just 15.6 inch. I have to higlight words and also put lots of sticky notes inside the pdf slides of my courses for explaining that hard topic or for personal clarification. That being said, maybe it would be cool if we have a ready "Add a note" selection in the menu appearing when I right-click in the middle of the document.
          In many pdf softwares like Nitro pdf they have "Add a note" in the right-click menu but unfortunately not in foxit reader which is saddening.


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            Thanks for the explanation. I've escalated your comments about ability to right-click to add sticky note as suggestion to PM team so we could consider to add this feature in the to-do list. Suggestion ID#: PHANTOM-7205. You could email to with this ID# to track the processing status. Thank you.