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Foxit Reader - Crashes on Close while in Search field

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  • Foxit Reader - Crashes on Close while in Search field

    Foxit Reader 9.0.1 - users experiencing crashes when they hit the X button to close while focus is still in Search field. If they click outside Search and then close, it works fine. Is there a fix for this?

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    Please try to delete this folder "C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Foxit Software" and see if it helps. If it makes no difference, please provide the following info:
    1) Did it occur to any PDF document or a particular one? Please provide the PDF in question for testing purpose;
    2) Instructions about how to replicate the issue; Can it be replicated every time the user perform the same?
    3) The crashlog.txt and crash.dmp files. E.g. ' C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Foxit Reader' (For Windows 7)
    4) Your OS type. (E.g. Win 10, 64-bit)

    Thank you.


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      Our users are also seeing this and we can reproduce it consistently with any PDF on multiple Windows OS versions.

      Our application hosts the Foxit Reader within an WebBrowser control. After we installed Foxit Reader 9.0.1, whenever we close the WebBrowser control while the Foxit Search Edit control has focus, the external Foxit Reader process crashes.

      I will attach a memory dump in a zip file, a screen capture of the window handle tree with the relevant windows highlighted and some debugging analysis:

      In our host process:

      1. WebBrowser control is closing, which causes Foxit code inside our process to send a WM_DESTROY to AfxFrameOrView100su form (hWnd = 0x110a12)

      2. The WM_DESTROY handling performs an out-of-process COM call to the external Foxit Reader process

      3. The host process's UI thread remains blocked until the Foxit Reader process is terminated.

      In the Foxit Reader process:

      1. It handles the out-of-process COM call by calling DestroyWindow() on a AfxFrameOrView100su form (0x19092e)

      2. The DestroyWindow API sends the window WM_NCDESTROY

      3. The WM_NCDESTROY handler sends the Search Edit control's window WM_KILLFOCUS because it had focus

      4. The Search Edit control's WM_KILLFOCUS handling sends its parent (the FROLEContainer BCGPRibbonBar) a WM_COMMAND (

      5. An access violation is thrown from within Foxit code handling the WM_COMMAND

      6. The Foxit Reader process has set an UnhandledExceptionFilter, which displays a Crash Report dialog from the same thread that owns the Search Edit control that was embedded into our host process.

      7. Because that thread is still processing a WM_KILLFOCUS, there can be no WM_SETFOCUS. This results in the Crash Report dialog being unresponsive.

      8. Once in this state, the only remedy is to terminate the Foxit Reader process.

      Call stack from our host app while it is hung waiting on the external Foxit Reader process:

      1e 0019cb20 75a13b30 759fbd70 75a235e0 0019cb58 RPCRT4!NdrClientCall2+0x53a

      1f 0019cb40 75b0313f 0019cb58 00000005 0019cc10 combase!ObjectStublessClient+0x70 [d:\rs1\onecore\com\combase\ndr\ndrole\i386\stblscl t.cxx @ 217]

      20 0019cb50 68f70aeb 08362824 17599ea0 00000000 combase!ObjectStubless+0xf [d:\rs1\onecore\com\combase\ndr\ndrole\i386\stubles s.asm @ 171]

      21 0019cc10 68f64659 00000002 00000000 691cda70 FoxitReaderBrowserAx+0x1f138

      22 0019cc30 68f6797f 00000002 00000000 00000000 FoxitReaderBrowserAx+0x12ca6

      23 0019cca4 68f67a0e 17599ea0 00110a12 00000002 FoxitReaderBrowserAx+0x15fcc

      24 0019ccc4 74b0d2b3 00110a12 00000002 00000000 FoxitReaderBrowserAx+0x1605b

      25 0019ccf0 74aee89a 68f679d8 00110a12 00000002 USER32!_InternalCallWinProc+0x2b 'WM_DESTROY sent to AfxFrameOrView100su

      26 0019cdd8 74aee4d0 68f679d8 00000000 00000002 USER32!UserCallWinProcCheckWow+0x30a

      27 0019ce38 74af8b19 00fde580 00000000 00000002 USER32!DispatchClientMessage+0xf0

      28 0019ce78 77830866 0019ce94 00000020 0019ced0 USER32!__fnDWORD+0x49

      29 0019ceb0 68f44bf5 0013094e ac516fbd 0019cf00 ntdll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x36

      2a 0019cedc 68f44cd5 0019cef4 68f4551e 1759a214 FoxitReaderBrowserAx+0x4bf5

      2b 0019cee4 68f4551e 1759a214 68f454e3 0019cf1c FoxitReaderBrowserAx+0x4cd5

      2c 0019cef4 6d004222 1759a214 00000000 0434f010 FoxitReaderBrowserAx+0x551e

      2d 0019cf1c 6d0043c7 1759a234 00000000 0434f010 ieframe!CDocObjectHost::_IPDeactivateMsoView+0xe1

      2e 0019cf40 6cffca00 00000000 0815f630 00000000 ieframe!CDocObjectHost::UIActivate+0xa0

      2f 0019cf58 6cff1d5f 0434f010 00000000 00000000 ieframe!CDocObjectView::UIActivate+0x20

      30 0019cf80 6cfee03c 00000000 043914f8 0d29526c ieframe!CBaseBrowser2::_UIActivateView+0xa9

      31 0019cf98 6cfd3f6f 00000000 00000000 00000000 ieframe!CWebBrowserOC::_OnActivateChange+0x3c

      32 0019cfb4 6cfd4195 00000000 00000000 00000000 ieframe!CShellEmbedding::_DoActivateChange+0x2f

      33 0019cfc8 6604630a 04391508 00000000 00000004 ieframe!CShellEmbedding::InPlaceDeactivate+0x15

      Call stack of crashing Foxit Reader thread:

      0b 0113d468 7783088f 0113d480 0113d4d0 0113d480 ntdll!ExecuteHandler+0x24

      0c 0113d468 00000001 0113d480 0113d4d0 0113d480 ntdll!KiUserExceptionDispatcher+0xf

      0e 0113d950 02af7b91 0200b44d 0010068e 9e88bb80 FoxitReader+0x3f14e8

      0f 0113da08 015d2eb0 00000111 0200b44d 0010068e FoxitReader+0x11fb7b1

      10 0113da2c 015f5023 00000111 0200b44d 0010068e FoxitReader+0x3d2eb0

      11 0113da58 02af63fc 00000111 0200b44d 0010068e FoxitReader+0x3f5023

      12 0113dacc 02af648b 06ddd600 000f06b4 00000111 FoxitReader+0x11fa01c

      13 0113daec 74b0d2b3 000f06b4 00000111 0200b44d FoxitReader+0x11fa0ab

      14 0113db18 74aee89a 02af6455 000f06b4 00000111 USER32!_InternalCallWinProc+0x2b 'WM_COMMAND sent to FROLEContainer BCGPRibbonBar

      15 0113dc00 74aee4d0 02af6455 00000000 00000111 USER32!UserCallWinProcCheckWow+0x30a

      16 0113dc60 74af8b19 051db770 00000000 00000111 USER32!DispatchClientMessage+0xf0

      17 0113dca0 77830866 0113dcbc 00000020 0113df7c USER32!__fnDWORD+0x49

      18 0113dcd8 753224fc 74af0da8 000f06b4 00000111 ntdll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x36

      19 0113dcdc 74af0da8 000f06b4 00000111 0200b44d win32u!NtUserMessageCall+0xc

      1a 0113dd48 74af0c10 051db770 00000000 0010068e USER32!SendMessageWorker+0x118

      1b 0113dd84 729dffa4 000f06b4 00000111 0200b44d USER32!SendMessageW+0x140

      1c 0113de20 729e0b93 00230214 00000000 00000000 COMCTL32!InitCommonControlsEx+0xb64

      1d 0113de78 74b0d2b3 0010068e 00000008 00230214 COMCTL32!DrawSizeBox+0xbb3

      1e 0113dea4 74aee89a 729e09c0 0010068e 00000008 USER32!_InternalCallWinProc+0x2b

      1f 0113df8c 74aedf27 729e09c0 00000000 00000008 USER32!UserCallWinProcCheckWow+0x30a

      20 0113dfc8 02af2350 729e09c0 0010068e 00000008 USER32!CallWindowProcW+0x97

      21 0113dfe8 02af4e99 00000008 00230214 00000000 FoxitReader+0x11f5f70

      22 0113e0c0 02af24f9 00000008 00230214 03131f88 FoxitReader+0x11f8ab9

      23 0113e0e0 0161063a 00000008 00230214 00000000 FoxitReader+0x11f6119

      24 0113e0f8 02af63fc 00000008 00230214 00000000 FoxitReader+0x41063a

      25 0113e16c 02af648b 0b5d6528 0010068e 00000008 FoxitReader+0x11fa01c

      26 0113e18c 74b0d2b3 0010068e 00000008 00230214 FoxitReader+0x11fa0ab

      27 0113e1b8 74aee89a 02af6455 0010068e 00000008 USER32!_InternalCallWinProc+0x2b 'WM_KILLFOCUS sent to Search Edit control

      28 0113e2a0 74aee4d0 02af6455 00000000 00000008 USER32!UserCallWinProcCheckWow+0x30a

      29 0113e300 74af8b19 051e55a0 00000000 00000008 USER32!DispatchClientMessage+0xf0

      2a 0113e340 77830866 0113e35c 00000020 0113e3a8 USER32!__fnDWORD+0x49

      2b 0113e378 02af518c 0010068e 06ddd990 06e6ad78 ntdll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x36

      2c 0113e3b4 01611dfb 00000002 0113e3f0 0161c102 FoxitReader+0x11f8dac

      2d 0113e3c0 0161c102 00000001 06dde088 06ddd990 FoxitReader+0x411dfb

      2e 0113e3f0 015fb1cc 9e888594 74af73c0 06dda678 FoxitReader+0x41c102

      2f 0113e41c 0142a68a 9e8885b4 06dda678 06dda678 FoxitReader+0x3fb1cc

      30 0113e43c 0142a5fb 06dda678 0113e498 02b01320 FoxitReader+0x22a68a

      31 0113e448 02b01320 00000001 02af512f 06dda678 FoxitReader+0x22a5fb

      32 0113e498 02af7f49 9e8884c0 00000082 06dda678 FoxitReader+0x1204f40

      33 0113e548 02af24f9 00000082 00000000 036108e8 FoxitReader+0x11fbb69

      34 0113e568 02af63fc 00000082 00000000 00000000 FoxitReader+0x11f6119

      35 0113e5dc 02af648b 06dda678 0019092e 00000082 FoxitReader+0x11fa01c

      36 0113e5fc 74b0d2b3 0019092e 00000082 00000000 FoxitReader+0x11fa0ab

      37 0113e628 74aee89a 02af6455 0019092e 00000082 USER32!_InternalCallWinProc+0x2b 'WM_NCDESTROY sent to AfxFrameOrView100su

      38 0113e710 74aee4d0 02af6455 00000000 00000082 USER32!UserCallWinProcCheckWow+0x30a

      39 0113e770 74af9fb1 051da6c0 00000000 00000082 USER32!DispatchClientMessage+0xf0

      3a 0113e7b8 77830866 0113e7d4 00000020 0113e850 USER32!__fnNCDESTROY+0x41

      3b 0113e7f0 75322e4c 02af518c 0019092e 06dd0cd8 ntdll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x36

      3c 0113e7f4 02af518c 0019092e 06dd0cd8 06dda678 win32u!NtUserDestroyWindow+0xc

      3d 0113e818 02b2b676 06dda678 06dd0cd8 02b2d488 FoxitReader+0x11f8dac

      3e 0113e85c 74e42b64 8000ffff 00200202 00000001 FoxitReader+0x122f296

      3f 0113e874 74e053eb 02b2d436 0113eaa0 00000001 RPCRT4!Invoke+0x34
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        To update, this appears to only happen when the pdf is embedded in a hosted browser for us. Epic is our EMR and when our users open a report, it opens an Epic window that acts as a browser. When closing that window, while Search has focus, it will crash Foxit, but only Foxit crashes and everything else just locks up until Foxit process ends. Then everything else comes back.


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          Dear Jodale1972 and jpapageo,

          Thanks for your posts and we apologize for the trouble that our software have caused to you. For this issue"Crashes on close PDF file which is embedded in a hosted browser while in Search field",it has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-8131.
          We will keep you informed for any updates about it or you may write back to to track its processing status.


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            Jodale1972 ,Dear Jodale1972, Sorry to bother you here again.Our QA team are already focusing on investigating this issue.However,they still failed to locate the cause of this issue yet.So we still need your help to provide with us the following information to our support email address ( which will be helpful for
            further diagnose this issue:
            1:Please send us a link where we can access a PDF file on your Epic EMR system and give us a temporary account and password for logging into your Epic EMR system.
            2:The crashlog.txt and crash.dmp files which you can find them in the following folder:
            ' C:\Users\[current username]\AppData\Local\Foxit Reader'
            Please help to indicate this thread link when you email to (Attn:Lisa).


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              Jodale1972 jpapageo
              Based on the issue you reported,our Dev team have just compiled a new executable Foxit Reader main application.
              Please help to give new main application a try to see if helps on this issue by doing the following steps:
              1: Download ""from the link below:
              Unzip the "" to get "FoxitReader.exe" main application.
              2:Navigate to your Foxit Reader's main installation folder,somewhere like:
              "C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader"
              "C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader"
              Rename the orginal file"FoxitReader.exe" there(such as rename it into "FoxitReaderoriginal.exe"),and place the newly downloaded "FoxitReader.exe" into this installation folder.
              Finally,please try to do the same procedures as before to see whether the crash issue could be replicated or not.


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                Thanks, I will give this a shot and report back, probably tomorrow.


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                  Just had a user test this after trading out the new Foxit.exe. The search function was different as it opened a new window to the right with what appeared to be all of the results of the search rather than just moving focus down the page as you hit find next. When user clicked the close button, it froze and when she tried to click in our EMR, it gave a message from the EMR that said the other application was busy. Tried to attach screenshot but it said I was not allowed.


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                    Went back and did more testing. First thing, I would need the exe version that does not include the Registration notifications. I have an MSI that was sent to me with all of that stripped out. Below are the test results from this morning, with me actually watching the user.

                    Scenario 1: Opened a PDF embedded in Hyperspace. Clicked in the Find field and searched for a word. Clicked the arrows to look for the word throughout the document. Clicked the X to close. No errors. (so works as expected)

                    Scenario 2: Opened a PDF embedded in Hyperspace. Clicked in the Find field and searched for a word. Hit Enter to look for the word throughout the document. Clicked the X to close. Crash Report. (does NOT work as expected)

                    I will also send an email to the Support address Attn: Lisa


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                      Dear Jodale1972,We have received your email ,the ticket number for your email is#177634.
                      I will follow up this issue with you in this ticket.