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Ctrl+Q cannot be customized

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  • Bug Ctrl+Q cannot be customized

    Ctrl+Q cannot be customized (to be the keyboard shortcut of Comment-Highlight, for example) in version 9.01 of Foxit reader. There is no meaning to predefine it as the function of closing file. Even it is not assigned in Keyboard Customization, it shows that the shortcut Ctrl+Q is assigned. Pls fit it because it is a very convenient shortcut and the older version of Foxit reader does not have this kind of problem, which prevents me from upgrading from old version about 5.4.5

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    Thanks for the post. Currently Ctrl+Q is preset to close the whole program. Your suggestion has been submitted to our product team for evaluation with feature ID:PHANTOM-10366. We will keep you informed if the shortcut could be reassigned.