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  • Feature Reflow view with border.

    Is it possible to add some spacing around the document when viewing it in reflow style?

    Right now in the reflow style, the document text is pushed right up to the edge of the window, which isn't ideal.

    I've attached three pictures. The first is without the reflow option, on a 2 column document. The second is how the reflow view looks on this document. The third is a more ideal view with the reflow and padding on both sides.

    With the first, viewing documents with 2-3 (sometimes more) columns is difficult on limited screen space, scrolling up and down after each column; especially when reading technical documents.

    The second image, is an ideal layout for reading a continuous document, however has a slight flaw in the edges where letters and characters brush up, in some cases touching, the main foxit reader window.

    The third image, is a small adjustment to the reflow view, to just add a bit of white spacing on either side. Notice that it is much clearer in the formatting of the text, with bullet points, and I would presume with images too.

    Is it possible to implement this into the Foxit PDF reader? Already the reflow feature isn't present in many other PDF readers, and this would make it that so much better, especially if it was brought into other platforms too.

    Image 1: Default view of 2 column document Image 3: Fabricated view of reflow with border. Image 2: Current reflow view

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    Could you please email this PDF document to and also let us know the version number of your Foxit Reader? Did you mean that you'd like more margin on the left side in the third reflow image? Please explain why more margin is needed so we could further process. Thank you.