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Session restore not working after reboot

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  • Session restore not working after reboot

    Hi Forum--

    I have the option settings checked for saving my session. If I close the Foxit window and launch it again, the session restores just fine. But if I reboot while the Foxit window is still open, then after reboot and restart Foxit, the session does not restore. I doubt there's anything we can do on the user side (though I may be wrong of course). Can your developers take a look at this, assuming someone can reproduce the behavior?


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    BTW, the session feature of Foxit is the whole reason I switched from Sumatra. But if it doesn't work for reboot, then it basically doesn't work. I typically have 5 to 10 technical document PDFs open at a time. I use those same 5 to 10 every day. So I hate having to re-open them all after a reboot. Due to some kind of wireless network bug where I've been working lately, I have to reboot one or two times a day to get my internet back. I guess I need to remember to manually shut down Foxit before rebooting (not sure if that will work; untested). But that should not be necessary.