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Foxit reader doesn't restore last session when closed by windows restart

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  • Bug Foxit reader doesn't restore last session when closed by windows restart

    I have configured Foxit reader to open documents that were previously opened when I close the reader.
    It works fine in case I close reader manually (by X).

    But it doesn't work in case I leave Foxit reader open (with open documents) a I hit "Restart" in windows. That closes Foxit reader too of course, but when I open the reader after restart it doesn't load any document, session is empty.

    Do I have to change my preferences? Or it is simply a bug in Foxit reader?

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    It is not a bug in Foxit Reader, if Foxit Reader is not closed normally before windows restart, the history data could not be written into registry successfully, that is the reason why you see the session is empty.


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      Windows closes foxit reader normally. There is no abnormal behavior reported.
      Windows sends signal to every application and it's up to application how it processes.
      So, if problem is not in my preferences, then it must be a bug.


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        Chupacabras ,Dear Chupacabras,Currently,the file names and file locations of those existing opened PDF files which are opened in Foxit Reader will be stored into registry key at that time when Foxit Reader is closed manually and normally.You didn't close Foxit Reader manually before you rebooted your system,so the file names and file locations of those opened PDF files were not written into into registry key,that is the reason why there is no file is opened automatically when you reopen your Foxit Reader.

        For this situation,I have submitted the suggstion"update the opened files’ records in registry key as soon as a new file is opened ,and delete the filename from registry key after the file is closed" to our product marketing team's reference with suggestion ID#PHANTOM-10180.If this new suggestion is implemented in future version,then Foxit Reader will be able to open lasted opened PDF files no matter how the Foxit Reader was closed previously.


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          Thanks, that would be nice improvement

          This is standard behavior in Firefox for example. Firefox remembers all open tabs in any case possible (even after crash).