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  • Feature Adopt the Foxit Reader Chocolatey package


    Tl, dr:

    I am on of the maintainers of the inofficial Foxit Reader package at Chocolatey (a package manager for Windows): I would like to suggest that Foxit Software Inc. adopt it, so that the non-negligible amount of customers* reyling on the Chocolatey package can be presented with a smoother install and upgrade experience without outages of several hours every now and then.

    *) The Foxit Reader Chocolatey package for the version has been downloaded more than 90.000 times.

    Long version

    Every package on the Chocolatey feed comes with an install script which is run when the Chocolatey client is instructed to install a package, e.g. by "choco install foxitreader". The install script downloads the software installer and runs it with some default arguments, e.g. "/verysilent /norestart".
    In the last two days, the installer provided by Foxit Software Inc. at this URL for the version has undergone three revisions as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, every revision breaks a) the hash which Chocolatey verifies and b) in case of different installer types, which was also the case here, the install script. The "workflow" for me is to regularly check if the package still works and/or receive an error report from a user and then update the package accordingly. The update procedure requires verification and validation on Chocolatey test servers, which take ~30min up to a few hours.
    All in all, this means that customers of Foxit Reader relying on the Chocolatey package may not be able to install or upgrade the package for several hours.

    Best Regards,

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    Could you please make a screenshot of the mentioned "every revision breaks a) the hash which Chocolatey verifies and" so I could escalate the issue to our QA engineer for taking a closer look at? Thank you.