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  • -Register switch

    Does anyone know what exactly Foxit is trying to do when it is run with the '-register' switch?

    When removing an older version of foxit and installing the latest all of our users are getting a UAC prompt when they run foxit and when i've looked into it the foxit exe is being run with this switch.

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    When users set Foxit Reader as the default program during deployment, it will set 'show pdf in browser' option as default as well, this is our current mechanism.(We will improve it in future)
    And it requires higher permission to write settings into registry, so when users launch Foxit Reader for first time, it pop-up the UAC prompt, you just need to ignore it or click X to close it, then it won't happen again.


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      Could you tell me what registry keys and values it is trying to write at the point of the UAC window, so i can do these as part of the post-install script?


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        Here it is the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Cu rrentVersion\\Explorer\\FileExts\\.pdf.
        Actually, if you don't want to receive the first time -register UAC prompt, you can try to deploy the program by solution described in attached guide document.
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