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My suggestion on foxit reader's Page Up, Page Down functionalities

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  • My suggestion on foxit reader's Page Up, Page Down functionalities

    Dear Foxit,

    I will try to keep this note as short as possible.
    After 3 and a half years using Foxit Reader on Ubuntu, I have found out what have bugged me throughout the years, It turned out that Foxit Reader's Page Up and Page Down functions are not working as the same with how it should be in other documenting/reading programs (example: adobe reader, MSword, Libre word, etc.). Usually, Page Up Page Down if on the view of a zoomed page will only jump up and down a view (observable section of the document), which means if my screen is on the first half of page 1, press Page Down should take me to the second half of page 1, which allow me to continue to read. This feature, however is not available in Foxit, every times Page Up and Page Down is press, the exact command is executed, which is "jump into the starting of the previous/next page". Although semantically it was correct, it does not help the customer in any way, reading a document should allow reader to continue to read (as smooth as possible), therefore any disruption such as "try to read page 1 part 2 but is forced to jump to page 2 part 1" is beyond acceptance.

    One could tell me to use my touchpad or my mouse's scrolling feature for continuous reading, to that I agree, yet there are times using 2 buttons to navigate through the document is much much easier (i'm one of keyboard-focus programmer group, which means we do more efficient without touching the touchpad and the mouse, so hotkeys like these are essential). Another argument here is to use arrow keys, to which I must disagree, arrow keys are disruptive and ridged, makes the effect of "jumpy lines" which very very annoying for readers, and to slide through a seen section would require me to hold the down button to at least 2, 3 seconds, then lose some more seconds to adjust the view, find the reading marks, then I can continue my work, which is now so disrupted,

    SO, my request here is, please do refactor the Page Up Page Down features for when the view is not page length, and please do cover it in every mode, including "facing continuous" mode.

    Hope you all have a great day,

    Thank you in advance.

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    Thank you for your suggestion. I have forwarded your request to our team , they will consider it in future version, report ID:MACLNX-1727.


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      laststand0810 ,we are glad to inform you that we have released a newer version 2.4.4 of Foxit Reader for Linux. In this version,you are able to press pageup/page down key on keyboard to scroll up/down only by the same amount that is currently visible in the program window.
      Please help to give it a try at your convenience.Following is link for downloading it: