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Foxit Reader Crashing

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  • Foxit Reader Crashing

    I've been using Foxit Reader for a while and really like it. However, today it is crashing. I tried to open a file and a box came up saying apologies, but Foxit Reader has crashed. It gave me the options to say what I was doing when it crashed, send a crash report and to include the file I was trying to open. I didn't want to include the file since it was personal (husbands payroll summary in an e-mail) I sent the crash report and a gray box came up saying there was an error and report could not be sent, and there was an e-mail address given for Foxit Reader support. I sent an e-mail to this address and the mail was returned saying it couldn't be delivered. Is anyone else experiencing this? Very suspicious to me. I have even uninstalled the reader and reinstalled thinking there was a corrupt file and I still can't open any files.

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    Install with "Run as administrator"


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    My Foxit Reader has just carried out an on-line update to Versi


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      I don't know why but my reply above isn't being displayed in full?!! I tried re-entering the text a number of times. Anyway, it should read that my Foxit Reader carried out an online update to version 611.1031 and now I have got the exact same problem as reported by JD60. Downloading the setup file manually and installing it as Administrator made no difference. Clearly, there is a problem with this latest version. Using Windows 8.1 32bit.
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        I have been encountering the same problem and have tried reinstalling but still come up with the same problem. Install as administrator did not work for me either.


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          Tried completely uninstalling Foxit, rebooting and then reinstalling but still get the Crash Report whenever I start the program. However, if I just ignore the pop-up Crash Report and click on the "Don't Send" button, Foxit Reader appears to function normally. Hmm, looks like a spurious warning that needs to be sorted by Foxitsoftware.
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            I have version (portuguese language). Uninstall it and install (as administrator) version It installs but then the program does not start.
            This is the report from the action center:
            Faulting application name: Foxit Reader.EXE, version:, date stamp / time: 0x52722adb
            Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18247, time stamp / time: 0x521ea91c
            Exception code: 0xc0000374
            Deviation of failure: 0x000c3873
            Process ID failed: 0xeec
            Date / time start the application failed: 0x01cee29df7246694
            Faulting application path: C: \ Program Files \ Foxit Software \ Foxit Reader \ Foxit Reader.EXE
            Faulting module path: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ ntdll.dll
            Report ID: 389b4f84-4e91-11e3-8bcb-0026f3ca86d3.

            OS: Win7 32bit (portuguese language)

            Grateful for any help


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              I, too, have been using FoxIt for over a year with no problems. Now when I try to open a pdf file I get a blank page with a black x enclosed in a circle in the upper left-hand corner.


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                I too am having this same problem. Foxit reader appears not to be working since a recent update. Looks like we'll have to go back to Adobe - unfortuntely.


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                  Hi, sorry to come here only to add a "me too", but the same thing happened to me... I am on Win xp SP2. No firefox, but Chrome (just in case it's a plugin problem-even if I don't think so.)
                  A couple of days ago Foxit run an update to ver. and bam! stopped working. It started showing for a couple of days the update engine working forever in Windows Task Manager, then at last the software updated, and suddenly I cannot open a single pdf file. Fortunately I can create working pdf files from word, but I cannot open them anymore. It seems there's a big bug here, please don't let us go back to Adobe, I need to edit pdfs, not only viewing them, and I'm NOT buying Adobe.


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                    Hopefully Foxitsoftware is following this thread and trying to understand the problem(s) being caused by Version Meanwhile, they should pull this latest release off their update server until it's fixed before even more people are affected.


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                      Guys try other, if not better free pdf viewers:

                      pdf xchange

                      Windows 8.1 Operating System


                      Windows 8.1 Opens PDF's just fine, don't Foxit anymore


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                        I wonder if Foxit is even paying any attention to this problem? As I posted before, I sent an e-mail to FoxitReader customer support, and the e-mail was returned, saying it couldn't be delivered. I would hate to return to Adobe; it was causing me so many problems, that is why I went to Foxit.


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                          Hmm, very interesting!! I've just re-downloaded Foxit and noticed the file size differed from the ones I downloaded a number of times a few days ago. Checked the MD5 checksum and Properties of both files and, sure enough, they were completely different. So, with fingers crossed, I installed the latest download and BAM!! ....everything works as it should!!!
                          So, either the original file held on Foxitsoftware's server was corrupt or else they fixed the problem and uploaded a revised file without changing the version number or telling anyone about it. Anyway, at least for me, the problem I reported is now solved.
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                            Unfortunately, I've downloaded two installers from two different locations (Foxit's own download page, and another from a FileHippo mirror) and both installers do not work. I was momentarily buoyed by your experience of finding an installer with a different size (both files were different in size) but was again disappointed. Am back to 6.0.6 for now.