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Text layer view in Foxit reader

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  • Text layer view in Foxit reader

    Does Foxit reader still have a command to load a text layer view? And is it also available in the Mac version?
    i found it long ago in the windows version while making hot keys and bound it to F12.
    I’ Referring specifically to viewing only the text layer, if present (blank page if not).
    And, if there is an option is there a way for me to add an icon to the program toolbar (MacOS) or bind it to a key?

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    Did you mean the "Text Viewer" function under "View" menu? If yes, please use the shortcut Ctrl+6 instead. You could also assign a new shortcut to it via right-click on the area of the toolbar, then click "Customize Quick Access Toolbar"->"Keyboard"->"View"->"Text Viewer" then assign the shortcut for Text Viewer.

    For Foxit Reader for Mac, currently there's not text viewer feature available in Foxit Reader for Mac. Thank you.