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Foxit Reader on 2012R2 RDS Server Prompting User for Admin Creds for First Time User

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  • Foxit Reader on 2012R2 RDS Server Prompting User for Admin Creds for First Time User

    Hi All,
    I have recently installed Foxit 9.1 onto an 2012R2 RDS server. I have deployed the GPOs for Foxit and disabled a few features such as the Advertisements and Automatic Update as well as the "Remove Registration" option. The first time a user opens Foxit they are prompted for admin creds. I'm unsure why this occurs but have noticed the "-register" switch added to the end of the command as per the attached.

    If you ignore this and close the UAC prompt Foxit opens fine and never appears again unless you reset the users profile. Any idea why this is happening and how to disable it?


    Click image for larger version

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    Dylan VS

    Sorry for the trouble. May I suggest you to redeploy Foxit Reader via GPO as the attached guidance to fix the issue?

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      I'm having the same issue in launching Foxit Reader on terminal servers (where users off course don't have admin rights). When launching, uac pops up, same as in screenshot above. CPDF is not active. Also it seems to be the "-register" option that invokes this.
      Above document is for setting Foxit as default pdf reader which is not what I want atm.
      GPO's are being applied but don't seem to have any influence on the issue. Is there a way to disable this startup with the register option?


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        To disable the UAC with tag –register, the end users can close the UAC prompt directly without entering admin account and password, this should be able to set Foxit Reader as default without problem. We've also submitted the suggestion about this UAC prompt so it would not pop up after we set Foxit Reader as default via Command line installation or GPO in the future. Suggestion ID#: QCPHANTOM-9281.
        If IT doesn't want the users to see this prompt, IT will need to follow the steps in uploaded guide GPO_deployment on windows 8 and windows 10.docx to set Foxit Reader as default as workaround. Thank you.
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          Thx for information but unfortunately that is not a solution for us as we need Acrobat Reader to be default because of legacy software that does not work when Foxit Reader is default.


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            If you want to set Adobe as the default, please do not follow up the guidance GPO_deployment on windows 8 and windows 10.docx, not enable Foxit as default, but just set Adobe as the default.


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              Currently having the same issue with version on Windows Server 2012 R2. Does anyone have any idea, the above fixes are not working.
              Depoyed with XLM editor via profstore, still not working.


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                Did you try to set Foxit Reader as your default PDF viewer for the end users? If yes, the end users could simply close the UAC window or click "Yes" to set Foxit Reader as their default PDF viewer.
                If it doesn't help, please provide us the following info:
                1)  A screenshot of the UAC message;
                2)  XML file located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\ProfStore";
                3) The corresponding registry of GPO deployment:
                HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Foxit\Reader 9.0
                4) .mst file that you used.

                Thank you.