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  • Auto print to pdf

    We have a sampler program that prints results and knows to print to .pdf and opened FoxIt once the analysis was done, but a pop-up window opened as well and was waiting for input to click “Save” before it would continue with the next sample. This held up the rest of the sequence as we ran the samples on an autosampler overnight and no one was around to click “Save”.
    Is there a way to have foxit reader just auto print to pdf without user input?

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    Dear Difladermaus, Thanks for your post.Did you call our Foxit Reader PDF printer in your sampler program to print non-PDF format file into PDF file?
    If so,you are able to preset a target folder for automatically saving the created PDF files in Foxit PDF Printer Properties dialog box.
    For how to set that,please refer to the article below:


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      Thanks, I have presented this solution to the chem team to try on the sampler computer.