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Can't seem to open PDF files using Firefox

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  • Can't seem to open PDF files using Firefox

    My wife tried to look at a back to school list on our school's website using Firefox the other day, and was freaked out because it wasn't working. I eventually found about 20 copies of the same file on our desktop. This reminded me that for about the past 14+ months, for some reason Foxit simply saves the files to our desktop rather than opening it in the Foxit program like it used to. I have perused the forums and have found a couple of mentions about an add-on no longer being supported for opening PDF's in the browser. However, this is not what I actually want to do. I simply want to launch the Foxit software when I click on a PDF online, and open it in the program.

    I AM able to open PDF files from the desktop in Foxit with no problems. However, I would much prefer to be able to tell the program that when I find a PDF file online, I don't want to download it - I want to launch the Foxit program and view it there. Is there any way to do this?

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    OhioGuy ,Firefox,Google Chrome and Opera these browsers all no longer support the NPAPI style plugins,so Foxit PDF plug-in can not work in Firefox(version 52 and above),Google Chrome(version 45 and above) and Opera(version 12.17 and above) anymore.
    Please refer to the following article to know the details:
    We suggest you use IE web browser to open online PDF file within web browser with our Foxit browser plugin by following instructions in the below article:


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      Thank you for posting here. After Firefox 52.0, NPAPI plugins no longer work, so you can not open the online pdf file within Firefox. The suggestion about developing new type of plugin has been submitted to our development team with feature ID:PHANTOM-3457 for resolution. We will keep you posted once the new plugin is available.