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    I have no Clue what I'm doing wrong. I'd just like to reopen all pdf files when starting foxit reader.

    I've checked "restore last session when application starts" and "restore last view when reopening". Yet everytime I close foxit reader, there's the prompt asking me if I want to close all tabs..? and the app only shuts down when every last tab is closed. is there another way to exit the app which keeps all the tabs saved in a session ?
    What's my mistake here ?

    Also, is there a way to save different session ?

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    This is a bug in latest version which fails to restore last session and the issue is planned to be fixed in next release. If you are using version 9.2 (you could find the version number via Help -- About Foxit Reader), please reinstall previous version which you could download via below link.

    If you have multiple instances running, Foxit Reader could only restore last session. There is no way to save different sessions.


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      Ah I see. Thanks a lot !