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Highlighting in Accessibility Mode

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  • Highlighting in Accessibility Mode

    I am trying to highlight text in accessibility mode (with a black background) and no matter what color I choose for the highlighter it does not show up. The formatting is present, if I leave accessibility mode then highlighting is visible. Does anyone know how to make this visible while still in accessibility mode? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I set black as the background color and white as the text color, the highlight color is red, when I highlight texts it changes from white to red on my side. Are you using the latest version 9.3?
    If possible, you may use the LiceCap tool to generate an animated gif that shows how to reproduce the problem for our referencing.
    Here's the download link:
    (Unzip it, double-click on licecap file, you can then specify the recording area then hit "Record", it requires naming the file first then start recording.)


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      Hello. Thank you for your response. I am attaching the recording so you can see what I mean.


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        The color is mixed with text color and highlight color when use yellow color to highlight the green text so it is hard to view. When you change the highlight color to light purple for example, you will see that the text is highlighted. You may have to choose a light color as the text color like White or Gray in order to view highlighting.