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  • Foxit Reader Problems

    I have two question
    1. Why does this message "error:unexpected character, row:80, col:5" appear each time that I try to open a PDF with FOXIT READER (last version)?? I have on my computer UBUNTU 16.04. The message appears four times with an interval of two seconds and at the end of this four times my document appears.
    2. Why can not I uninstall FOXIT READER from my computer with Ubuntu 16.04? I tried to unistall FOXIT READER (to install again later) from the "Software Center" but it still there. It still there with the same message appearing four times before my document:
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    mia123 ,I apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software.To uninstall your Foxit Reader for Linux,please double-click the Uninstaller file in your Foxit Reader's main installation directory.
    After you having uninstalled it,please help to install the latest version 2.4 of Foxit Reader for Linux by downloading it from Foxit download center below to see if it helps:
    If the error message still appears when you open PDF file,please send us the following information for further analysis:
    1o you run 32-bit or 64-bit of Ubuntu 16.04 system?
    2id this issue happen to all PDF files or just some specific PDF files? Please send us one PDF file in question.
    3:Take a screenshot of the error message.
    4:Are you able to open the Foxit Reader application itself without opening any PDF file?
    Look forward to your reply.