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  • Highlighted text with comment

    Thanks for a great piece of software. I have just started using it, and I miss a feature available in Adobe Acrobat. In Acrobat, when I highlight some text and add a comment for the highlighted text (by double clicking the highlighted text), a little "note" icon shows up beside the highlighted text in the pdf. This note lets me know that the highlighted text has a note attached to it, without needing to hover over the highlighted text. I don't see a similar "note" icon with foxit. Is there a way to enable it?


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    Thank you for using Foxit software. You will get the popup note for highlight as well in Foxit Reader after double click on the highlighted text, does it happen to any pdf files? If it just happen to a special file, please send us the file for internal test,if it is inconvenient to upload here, you may email the PDF document to Thank you in advance.

    And let me know the version of Foxit Reader you are using.


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      I do get the popup note when I double click the highlighted text.

      My issue is that it is not obvious whether the note associated with some highlighted text has text in it or it is empty. In Acrobat, if the note has some text, then the highlighted text has a little note symbol beside it (as if we added a note beside the highlighted text). See the attachment. The first two pages are what foxit displays. The last two pages are what Acrobat displays (see the circle).

      I am using Version:
      Attached Files


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        We plan to add the feature in next version, now our team are working hard on the version9.4, please keep an eye on our new release.


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          Thanks for the quick response.