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  • Need help on a PDF form

    Challenge your friends in these fantastic multiplayer games. They are quality, absolutely free with no download needed.
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    1. Toon Off

    It is a great 3D first-person shooter game.

    In the 3D first-person shooter game, the mission is to capture the flag. The game is set in a World War 2 location. The graphics are beautiful, and the effects are realistic. You’re asked to cooperate with your teammates to plan the strategy. Make sure it’s as best as possible to storm the location of the enemy and come back to your base with their flag. Don’t forget to pay attention to every corner. Also, make sure you always keep your senses sharp. Good luck!
    For the game controls, use your left mouse to aim/ shoot. Use the scope with your right mouse. Change the weapon with your middle mouse or 1,2,3,4. Reload the weapon with R. Run with WASD. Shift to sprint. Jump with the Space. Crouch with Ctrl. Access the menu with ESC.


    This multiplayer combat based .io game is superb.

    This multiplayer combat based .io game is superb. Here, you’re required to compete in an arena against other gamers and try to get rid of them using your weapon. Before you begin fighting, it’s possible for you to select your character skin as well as username. As each character have their own types of weapons, pick one that you like!
    As soon as you have selected your character, you can enter the arena and begin fighting! While just one hit is needed to kill an opponent, you can be killed with one hit too. So, be careful! Gather the colored jellies scattered on the ground to enhance your score and boots your weapon’s length. Your dash ability can be always used if you want to escape from danger or move in for the kill.
    Move the character by moving your mouse. Attack with the Spacebar or by left-clicking. Dash with W or by right-clicking.
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    You begin with a worm that is small, and you’re required to eat the minerals that are scattered on the ground.

    It is an upgraded version of In the version, it’s possible for you to play with various features and upgrades. You begin with a worm that is small, and you’re required to eat the minerals that are scattered on the ground. That way helps you grow in size and strength. Apart from the standard minerals, you can also search for power-ups. They can greatly enhance your survivability as well as attack power.
    You’re asked to work diligently to grow your worm. Meanwhile, avoid taking damage from other gamers. If another player cuts you, you can lose a big portion of your worm and have to start all over again. Are you confident enough to conquer the Sworm arena?
    Move your mouse to control the movement of the worm. Use a speed boost with W or by left-clicking. Cut with the Spacebar or by right-clicking.
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    Thaversonly ,Thanks for your post.According to your request,you have to write Javascripts to complete the feature. I will send you a JS demo file for your reference in a few days.


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      Thaversonly ,Attached is the JS demo file for your reference:C=AXB.pdf.
      You could find the Javascripts in C text field properties dialog box.Please refer to attached screenshot: Properties.jpg.
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