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Upload failure and file lost

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  • Upload failure and file lost

    I used Foxit Drive to upload my file data-block.pdf but the upload was a failure. And the file turned to be 0 KB and it is gone! But I am able see the file version and there was a 1.3 MB version. Can I download that or could you help me to re-store my file?

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    I hope there is a pdf version controll tool, which provides the possibility to restore (roll back) to the old version of our pdf.


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      cake ,Would you please help to sign in with your account and password in online Foxit Drive from the page below:
      Under "My Drive" tab,please locate to the corresponding PDF file you referred and single click on it to make it selected,click on the details (it is a icon with letter i in a circle) to show the selected document's details in which you should find its versions information and "download" button to download document. Please refer to attached screenshot:download.jpg.
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        Thanks. I hope we also can download the old versions in the Desktop App.


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          To better understand it, we need to double check below info with you, thank you.
          1. The data-block.pdf file with label 1.36 size 1.3M was the original file you uploaded on 2018/12/23, and the second data-block.pdf file with label 1.40 size 0M was uploaded on 2018/12/26, right?
          2. Since the file data-block.pdf already existed, why did you upload the second one with same file name again?
          3. After signing in with your account and password in online Foxit Drive, and go to "My Drive" tab, can you see two data-block.pdf files? Please help to make a screenshot of it for us.