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Is this a BUG? Number fields not being filled properly

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  • Is this a BUG? Number fields not being filled properly

    The PDF at$File/2229E.pdf, in Section 5(b) (at the bottom of page 2) of that PDF, will not receive numbers properly.
    For instance, putting 1000 in the "Base rent" field does not get recorded properly. Same issue for all fields in that section.
    I'm using v. Foxit Read on Mac.

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    Also tried on the latest Windows version. Must be a bug. I've filed a ticket.


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      psommerfeld ,Thanks for your response.The number fields cannot be filled property issue has already been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#MACLNX-10317.I will keep you informed for any updates about this issue.


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        Yes, I reported it as a bug. Thanks, hope to hear soon!


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          psommerfeld I am writing to inform you that the issue in this thread you referred has already been addressed in the latest released major upgrade version of Foxit PDF Editor for windows V11 and Foxit PDF Editor for Mac V11.
          Please help to give the latest version 11 a try at your most convenient time which could be downloaded from our official download center below:

          If your current license is not applicable for the latest version, please help to submit a ticket to send your current order information for us(such as order number, activation code, billing email address,etc), then we will help you check the order status and give you further advice on purchasing the upgrade.