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Disable saving temp files back to the temp folder

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  • Disable saving temp files back to the temp folder

    I think Foxit should recognise when it is trying to save back a file opened from a temporary directory and by require the person to save it elsewhere (offer the Desktop).
    My dad for example will do things such as opening a PDF attachment form in an email (which will create it as a temp file) and spend a long time filling it in and save it (i.e. back to the temp file where it came from) and then go crazy that all his hard work has vanished. I imagine the older generation struggle with this more than the younger. I can't see there's going to be any useful reason to be updating a PDF in the temp folder, but plenty not to...



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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thanks for the post. Could you help to check which version of Foxit you are currently using? In most recent version, when opening a temp file, an email attachment for example, then edit the file and try to save, users will get a prompt that the file could not be saved as the screenshot attached. Then you could choose a location to save the edited file.
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