A Suite of Modules to Perform High Volume PDF Creation and Processing on Windows Servers

FREMONT, Calif. July 14, 2015 – Foxit® Software, a leading software provider of fast, affordable and secure PDF solutions, today announced the release of Foxit PDF Toolkit,  a suite of modules to perform automated high volume PDF creation and processing on Windows® servers.

The Foxit PDF Toolkit provides command line interfaces (CLI) to help IT organizations develop server-based workflows to create and modify large amounts of PDF files.  They also provide application programming interfaces (APIs) for software integrators to incorporate PDF processing into their applications.  Each module is:

  • High Performing: Multi-threading support speeds up PDF processing.

  • Easy to integrate: Command line or application interfaces enable flexible and seamless integration with organizations’ existing workflows.

  • Plug and Play: Choose one or more of the specific modules that meet your needs.

Organizations can purchase all modules or buy specific modules separately.  Foxit PDF Toolkit 1.0 delivers the following modules:

  • Foxit PDF Toolkit –Watermarks: Allows users to programmatically add text or image based watermarks to a large volume of PDF files with high performance.

  • Foxit PDF Toolkit –Microsoft®Office®to PDF Converter: Converts large volumes of Microsoft Office files into professional-quality PDF files with high performance.

  • Foxit PDF Toolkit –Image to PDF Converter: Converts large volumes of image files into high-quality PDF files with high performance.

  • Foxit PDF Toolkit –Headers and Footers: Adds headers and footers into large volumes of PDF files to create professional documents with high performance.

  • Foxit PDF Toolkit –PDF Optimizer: Reduces the size of PDF files to reduce disk space usage, making them easier to share or archive.

  • Foxit PDF Toolkit –RMS PDF Protection Tool: Encrypts and protects PDF files in Microsoft Active Directory® and Azure® Rights Management Services environments.

In future releases, the PDF Toolkit will add additional modules to automate different workflows and increase server platform support.

“Our customers have asked us to bring our stable and proven PDF technology they have been using in our SDK, desktop, and mobile products to automate high-volume server processing,” said Frank Kettenstock, vice president of marketing at Foxit. “The Foxit PDF Toolkit provides easy to integrate command line interfaces based on proven, stable technology.  Now, IT organizations can incorporate these modules into their existing workflows to increase performance and scalability.”

For more information on the PDF Toolkit or download your free 30-day trial copy, please visit

To learn more about Foxit software, contact Foxit at or at 1-866-MYFOXIT.


About Foxit Software

Foxit is a leading software provider of fast, affordable, and secure PDF solutions.  Businesses and consumers increase productivity by using Foxit’s cost effective products to securely work with PDF documents and forms.  Foxit is the #1 pre-installed PDF software, shipped on one-third of all new Windows PCs, including those from HP®, Acer, and ASUS®.

Foxit’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) help developers reduce costs and improve time to market by easily integrating industry leading PDF technology into application workflows. This technology shares the same underlying technology that powers Google’s open-source PDFium project.

Winner of numerous awards, Foxit has over 325 million users and has sold to over 100,000 customers located in more than 200 countries. Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1/PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with your existing PDF documents and forms.

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Reader not closing task manager process when pdf is closed

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  • Bug Reader not closing task manager process when pdf is closed

    In Vista x64, Reader 5.3.1 sometimes opens a 2nd reader process in task manager. I can't reproduce this - consistently - when or why it opens another instance of reader. I'm certainly not intentionally launching another instance from a shortcut, them opening a file in the 2nd instance. But periodically, I look in task mgr for something else & there are the 2 separate Foxit processes, both using approx. same memory (depending on files opened).

    When it DOES have 2 instances in task manager, it often shows path to the open file, for one of the instances, under task manager "Command Line" column.
    When this happens, there doesn't appear to be 2 reader UI's open on desktop. But, if I close one of the files (from Foxit UI) the separate process for the file (shown in Task Manager) keeps running long after the file is closed. There's also the process listed separately for the reader application itself, AND the other instance, showing actual path to file, under task mgr's Command Line column when this happens.

    Not sure if it's a bug or special circumstance causing a 2nd, separate Foxit instance to show in task mgr. If Foxit opens a separate process in Windows when a pdf is opened (that process uses a good bit of resources), then it should close the process fairly quickly, after the open file is closed in Foxit.

    The only ways I'm opening pdf's is in Foxit are - File > Open;
    from Explorer - R click a pdf >Open (Foxit is default reader);
    or R click file in Explorer & use Open With (again, Foxit is there, listed as default app);
    From an email attachment - R click>Open (Foxit is default reader set in Thunderbird). I'm NOT using Foxit plugin for Thunderbird.

    I'm fairly sure it shouldn't open 2nd Foxit instance, unless I launched it a 2nd time. Not sure it'd even allow that. Any suggestions?

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    It works fine with Foxit Reader 5.3.1 on my side, Would you mind making some screenshots of the task manager Process so i could forward to our QA team for a closer look?
    BTW, have you tried to reinstall it to see if it helps?Sometimes, reinstallation may fix some unknown problem.


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      Thanks. No, haven't tried the standard "have you tried reinstalling it" yet. As said, it's hard for me to reproduce, but I've seen it more than a couple times. If happens again, I'll post screens & maybe even Process Explorer screens.
      NOTE: Don't have Adobe reader on this box. Not particularly a fan.

      Re: reinstalling. I have to say, I can't think of any other software (esp. stable vers., NOR most beta software) that I have had to uninstall / reinstall as MANY times as Foxit reader, to fix problems. Probably had to do it 6 times in last 5 - 6 yrs (that's between versions). I don't "upgrade" - I uninstall / reinstall new versions, so theoretically, should have FEWER problems.

      Yes, reinstalling sometimes fixes problems, but leads to the question: Why does Foxit Reader get corrupted or screw up more than any software I use? And I'm a pretty advanced computer user / trouble shooter. In fact, it's VERY rare I have to reinstall any apps to solve problems.

      I've had this box w/ Vista hm prem x64 (pre installed) since 2009. I've never had to reinstall Windows, nor had any major problems - like having to run Windows Repair util. So, what's up w/ Foxit?

      Not being rude, but spouse has both Foxit & Adobe reader. I can't recall - since 2007 - ever having to uninstall / reinstall Adobe - to fix a problem. On spouse's machine, Adobe doesn't develop any problems / get corrupted.
      I don't like some of Adobe Corp's philosophy, but now I'm seeing Foxit reader taking about same CPU / RAM resources as Adobe - on same machine, same file, same time. Unless I'm the ONLY one seeing that, Foxit has definitely lost some attraction.

      Throw in factor that Foxit seems to require uninstalling / reinstalling more often...


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        Yes, i am agree with you, reinstallation is not the solution but just a workaround, so i recommend you to do so if you are bored with this issue.And meanwhile, we will forward your comment to our QA and Dev team so they could have reference from customer and improve the program better and more stable.


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          Thanks - you're correct - reinstalling may be the best short term fix. Honestly, avg users won't put up w/ this. If it was "common" to have to reinstall software, repeatedly, it'd be different.

          For many that don't have "screwed up machines / OSes," for mature, stable software, it's quite rare to repeatedly reinstall. Most apps just DON'T get screwed up - for me & most people I know. Of course, "try uninstall / reinstall" is common advice on any forum when users have probs. But I see that advice more on this forum than most, & personally gotten it from Foxit support, more times than ANY "professional" software I've ever used. That's a fact. Doesn't speak well of the development team. I'm not a coder, but something's wrong, somewhere.

          Under far less stable OSes, I've had entire suites like Office 2000 installed for yrs & never reinstalled / messed up once. To an extent, I think Foxit is shooting themselves in the foot. And I'm one that LIKES it. Millions of "avg", non tech users' apps reviews show - if it screws up once & there's an alternative, they drop an app like a hot potato.


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            Uninstall or remove foxit cloudreading plugin, this problem seems fixed.