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Failed save and now document is corrupt.

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  • Failed save and now document is corrupt.


    Im wondering if anyone can help.

    My wife spent most of yesterday working on a document in foxit reader, saving every so often as she went along. Nearing the end she slicked save and foxit only partially saved the document before crashing. In the document folder there is the file and another one with ~$ before it. both say the file size is zero and both come up with the error 'format error: not a pdf or corrupted' if you try to open them
    Can anyone tell me if there is any way I can get a working version of the file back or will my wife have to spend another day putting it all together again?

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    Hi todguy,

    Sorry for any hassle and inconvenience this may cause for you. We are unable to recover damaged pdf file with current program, and we have put it in to-do-list, hope it will be available in future release.

    About the crash issue, please help to email the crashlog to [email protected] for further inverstigation, you can find the crashlog under the the directory C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Foxit Reader.

    Thank you in advance.