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foxit changes security properties of forms

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  • Bug foxit changes security properties of forms

    I'm working in an organisation where we use acrobat to create pdf-forms that are intended to be edited by multiple users.
    So when someone updates such a form within foxit reader, it becomes impossible to edit that document using any version of acrobat (7 to XI) because AR has detected some changes in the security properties of the document, however the document is still updatable using foxit.
    Opening such a document in AR causes following message :
    "in this document are extended functions of AR enabled. The document is modified since it is created and the extended functions are not available anymore. Contact the author for
    then original version of the document"
    After that, the document opens in read-only mode. Any additions made with foxit are visible, but nothing is editable.
    Is there a way to prevent foxit from changing the security settings of the document.
    I made some files available to show what i mean.

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    Hi Zna,

    I've reported this issue to our internal bug tracking system for further investigation. Report ID#: 40022. You can write to [email protected] with this ID# to track the problem with us.


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      Hi Zna,

      We've fixed this issue in the future version Foxit Reader 6.0.


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        Hi cherry,

        Do you have also an indication of the releasedate of Foxit Reader 6.0 ?


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          It is around the end of March.