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  • Change Text direction for RTL languages

    there are some strings like these:

    <dlgitem id="1799" text="If you always want the keyboard selection cursor active in the document, specify that Foxit PDF Editor should always use the keyboard selection cursor."

    <string id="1801" text="If you always want the keyboard selection cursor active in the document, specify that %s should always use the keyboard selection cursor."/>

    there is no problem for (A) when translate it to another language, but it will be hard to translate (B) becuase it has (%s) and it has multiple lines:

    It must be like this:
    اگر می‌خواهید مکان نمای انتخاب صفحه کلید در پرونده همیشه فعال باشد، مشخص کنید
    باید همیشه از مکان نمای انتخاب صفحه کلید استفاده کند Foxit PDF Editor

    I tried to use (\r\n) but it's not good for all these srtings. I tried use "Foxit PDF Editor" and "فوکسیت پی‌دی‌اف ادیتور" instead (%s) but it changed language to English.

    if it had 1 line, there wasn't any problem like this:
    <dlgitem id="1136" text="Your evaluation or license period for %s has expired."

    how can I change Text direction for these strings?​ Is it impossible to change (%s) to default text like (Foxit PDF Editor)?

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    using new line (\r\n) isn't good idea, for example:

    <string id="1129" text="Some PDF files may be embedded in Microsoft Office documents as &quot;Adobe Acrobat Documents&quot; or &quot;Foxit PDF Reader Documents&quot;, and Office will attempt to open them with Adobe Acrobat or Foxit PDF Reader. If you don&apos;t have Acrobat and Foxit PDF Reader, you can check this option and set %s%[1] as the default to open them with %s%[2] instead."/>

    after use that:
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      Radmehr ,We apologize for the trouble. This situation you mentioned has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to do further analysis with report ID#QCPHANTOM-28532. I will keep you informed for any updates about this case.


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        Radmehr We have got updates from our QA team, they mentioned that if you want to adjust the position of %s, you just need to adjust its position accordingly in a sentence.
        %s is a parameter that would be dynamically assigned when the program is loaded.For example, this parameter should be substituted into the Foxit PDF Editor or Foxit PDF Reader application name.
        For the translate (B) that you mentioned, you could place %s at the end of the sentence or at the beginning of the sentence when translating, then the assignment can be done automatically when the Foxit application loads the XML language file.
        You are kindly noted that please don't forcibly change %s to another string in the resource, otherwise, the field will not be compiled by Foxit application and Foxit application would directly crash,
        or Foxit application cannot read the string, this position of the string will show blank or English.
        If we still didn't understand your query correctly,please help to rephrase it again in more details with some more illustrated screenshots.

        Look forward to your reply.
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