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Cannot switch to Hand Tool

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  • Cannot switch to Hand Tool

    ActiveX SDK 5.1
    C# using Visual Studio 2015
    .NET Framework 4.5.2.
    I have an app where the user is able to stamp, annotate, and/or fill out forms. My situation is when there is an annotation, and the user selects the annotation to move it around the screen, then they are done with the document, switch to a PDF with form fields, all of the form fields are in edit mode with boxes and resize cues shown.

    I am trying to programmatically switch to the hand tool to hide the resize cues, but it won't change.
    The CurrentTool is "Rectangle Tool​" and I want to switch it to the "Hand Tool". When I try to switch it, it does not do anything.
    axFoxitPDFSDK1.CurrentTool = "Hand Tool";

    I am able to switch it to other tools, like "Typewriter" or "Select Text Tool", but when I try to switch it to the hand tool, nothing happens. I cannot switch to the hand tool by clicking on the hand icon in the tool bar either. Is there something I have to do?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    -J.J. willis

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    jjwillis ,For SDK related query,please help to mail to and our SDK engineers will reply your letter as soon as possible.


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      This was fixed with ActiveX SDK 5.2.


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        Hello All,

        Any bugs, please report them to our ticket system:

        It will be address a lot faster there.


        Huy Tran
        Solution Engineer
        42840 Christy Street, Suite 201, Fremont CA 94538