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  • Automated conversion to excel


    Im new to Foxit. How would I do an automated conversion of a PDF to excel ?

    We receive PDF through emails and are placed into a folder. How can I automate the process using Foxit?

    Any examples or such?

    Thank You Very Much.

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    Dear Mothman,

    To convert PDF file into excel document,you may try out our Foxit PhantomPDF which could be downloaded from our official download center below:
    Please go to "File"menu in Foxit PhantomPDF>"Export">Choose "Excel"format there to convert the opened PDF file into excel document.

    If you need to use our Foxit PDF SDK to achieve the automatic conversion,please help to write to and our SDK engineers will further help you via e-mail.


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      Hello Mothman,

      Foxit PDF SDK does not support PDF to Excel. I believe there are plans on having Foxit PDF Toolkit to support PDF to Excel in the Foxit PDF Toolkit 2.0 release. The product should be available in Q1 or Q2 of this year. Please check back on Foxit PDF Toolkit 2.0 ( The Toolkit comes as a .exe that can be used in the command line to batch process documents. It also contains C++ header files and dll library that can be used to process documents programmatically.

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      Solution Engineer
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