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Launching a PDF in FoxitReader

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  • Launching a PDF in FoxitReader

    I am using Foxit SDK to implement it in our desktop application.
    I was trying to launching a PDF document with Foxit SDK’s Java API.

    Here is my code snippet:

    try {

    PDFAction action = PDFAction.createLaunchAction(path, "D:\", "open", "",true);
    PDFLaunchAction launchAction = (PDFLaunchAction)action;
    PDFAttachment attachment = PDFAttachment.create(pdfDocument);
    } catch (PDFException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    Is something going wrong in this code?
    Can anybody help me for this?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Dear NavnathK,

    Thanks for your post.For SDK query,please help to write to directly and our SDK engineers will reply your email there.


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      Hello Lisa,
      As you suggested, I contacted your SDK engineer by email. But, they did not reply to my mail.
      I have downloaded your Foxit Java SDK and trying to evaluate the same.

      However, I am stuck in the middle of evaluation. Documentation does not seem full fledged.
      I even tried to debug though SDK's jar source code. But did not get the solution.

      Please help me on this. its really urgent for me to contact with SDK engineers.

      Thank you!


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        Hello NavnathK,

        PDFAction.createLaunchAction is an action in PDF and not an action in Foxit PDF SDK 5.1. SDK 5.1 is not a view component, however, you can use it to create a view component. For example, you can call the StartRender to render a bitmap. You can then use the bitmap to be the representation of the PDF page and if the user wants to see the next page you would render the next page and display that page for the user. StartRender is from the class com.foxit.gsdk.pdf.PDFPage.

        Foxit does have a PDF View component, however, it is a ActiveX. The product is called Foxit PDF ActiveX 5.2 SDK. ActiveX does not work in Java, unless you use some third party tools that can handle it.
        For Android or iOS, Foxit has MobilePDF SDK. MobilePDF SDK has a view component.


        Huy Tran
        Solution Engineer
        42840 Christy Street, Suite 201, Fremont CA 94538