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  • PDF rendering for windows phone app


    We are using Foxit PDF SDK for WindowsPhone8.1 for evalution in which When we tried to render multiple pages and save them physically as images(for future use) app get freeze and/or crash.

    Also for pages contains high graphics for zoomfactor greater than or equals to 3,
    we get either blank image or app crahes with "Out of memory" exception.
    Or though page.pointer!=0 and also page parses correctly we get randomstream=null.

    How to resolve it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Sandeep,

    If you are an existing customer, please create a ticket at and provide a test project, a test pdf, and detail steps on how to reproduce the issue.

    If you are generating an image that is very large to handle your zooming, then you should only generate an image that fits your screen and render only the section of the PDF that you want to zoom in on that section of image. This will reduce the memory usage. The other thing that may consume your memory used is the handles that you may not have closed. For example, if you get a page handle and you finish rendering the page, you can close that page handle since you are not going to use it any more. The other option you have here is when the out of memory exception occurs, you can close all of your handles such as page object, page, document, module, and library to clean up the library and restart the whole library again. The blank render is due to the fact that the SDK cannot complete its render.


    Huy Tran
    Solution Engineer