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Qualified Signature doesn't work

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  • Qualified Signature doesn't work

    Last edited by wkramer; 07-07-2022, 07:20 AM.

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    [USER="567062"]wkramer[/USER],We apologize for any difficulty using Foxit Software. Would you please elaborate on the issue you are having with Foxit Software so that we can further assist you? Please let us know which Foxit product you are using and take some screenshots which could demonstrate the issue for us.

    Look forward to your reply.


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      Since the last update of the Foxit pdf editor, the signature function only provides the non-qualified signatures. The qualified certificates can be viewed in the certificate store via Foxit, but they are not offered for signing.


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        [USER="567133"]Pitti[/USER] ,We apologize for the trouble. Regarding this issue you mentioned,it has been submitted to our internal bug tracking system for our QA team to further work on it ,the report ID is#QCPHANTOM-30485.However,we still need your help to provide us with the following information which will be hepful for us to investigate the issue:
        1:Your OS information( 10x64bit).
        2:Please give us the version number of Foxit PDF Editor you used before you updated it if you still rememnber it.
        3:Please go to "Help"tab>"About Foxit PDF Editor" to check its existing version number.
        4:For the signature,do you mean the Fill&Sign image-based signature which could access by going to "Protect"tab>"Fill&Sign"?
        5:Were those signatures under the "Fill&Sign" tab created before you upgraded the Foxit PDF Editor application or in the updated version ?
        6:Please send us the "Fill&Sign" signature files which are under the following folder for us:
        C:\Users[I]CurrentUserName[/I]\AppData\Roaming\Foxit Software\Foxit PDF Editor\InstaSign\UserSign
        7:Please send us a PDF file which has already been added non-qualified signature.
        If it is not convenient to upload the documents on this forum,please help to please help to submit a ticket from our[URL=""] ticket submission center [/URL]to provide us with the required files (please input Attn,Lisa in ticket subject).
        All the documents you provdie with be kept confidential and only be used for internal testing.

        Look forward to your reply.
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          1. Windows 10,
          2. Version
          5. In German, Sch├╝tzen, Signieren und Zertifizieren, Signatur platzieren.
          8. TOMs.pdf uploaded.
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            Thanks for the info. I've updated the info to QCPHANTOM-30485. Also, is it possible to use your phone to record the issue " The qualified certificates can be viewed in the certificate store via Foxit, but they are not offered for signing" so we could forward it as well to our engineer for further analyzing? Thank you.