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How to use Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

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  • How to use Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)


    I found that Foxit provides QES signatures, as e.g. stated in this press release [URL][/URL].
    So I enrolled now in a free trial for Foxit Sign and wanted to test and sign a document with a QES. Unfortunately I cannot find any hint how to do that. There is no documentation about QES at all and also I did not find any configuration about different levels of signing. The only thing I found was here somehting about ZealiD when I select Germany:


    I now also created a ZealiD account and could sign a document via this service. Though this has nothing really to do with Foxit ESign. Can someone help me here and explain how Foxit + QES + ZealiD should be configured?


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    Below are the detailed steps for the ZealiD demo on QA instance:

    1. Download the app and complete your ID verification steps in the Mobile app
    iOS: [url][/url]
    Android: [url][/url]
    2. Set the default signature type as ZealiD (Zeal ID-EU QES) under Sending/Signing from company Settings - This setting has already been enabled in your respective accounts
    3. Prepare the document by uploading the desired file and adding the required parties
    4. At the time of finishing the document, a pop the screen will be shown to scan from the ZealiD app
    5. Please scan it from the ZealiD app as per the instructions to get the document executed (Please refer to the attached presentation)
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