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17 Nov 2015 update broke Foxit on my iPad: app opens but won't stay open

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  • crash 17 Nov 2015 update broke Foxit on my iPad: app opens but won't stay open

    Foxit updated on 17 Nov 2015. Since then when I open the app, I see the logo screen and then Foxit disappears.

    Double tap the Home button, and it appears in the switcher.

    Switch to Foxit, it locks up, displaying the last PDF I had open (one I've been reading an annotating for nearly a month with no problems) and then disappears again.

    Restarting the iPad didn't help. Closing Foxit and all apps and restarting didn't help.

    iTunes can't see Foxit on the iPad, so I can't even tell if I can save my dozens of annotated PDFs in order to delete and reinstall the app.


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    I found the same problem with the 4.7.0 update, on my iPad Air2. The app starts, looks like it stalls on the logo screen, then disappears. If I use the taskswitcher, Foxit is running in the background, but f I select it, it disappears again, but looks to be still running in the background.
    Hey, a feature, maybe for the pro version, would be to be able to change link colors, in some docs the yellow doesn't look so good.


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      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Our team worked out quickly a solution and submitted a fixed App to the Apple Store last night. They went out and requested an expediting App review so that the fixed App is available for downloading in a shorter period.
      During this, below is the workaround for you.

      Reinstall Foxit MobilePDF. When you come to the following message, tap on Don’t Allow (click the link below to view the message for details). The App shall be run fine.
      To avoid losing your PDF files during re-install, firstly you can connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC, launch iTunes/iTools, find Foxit MobilePDF, and back up all the PDFs.


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        My original post mentions that Foxit doesn't appear in iTunes, so is there another way to ensure that I don't lose all the annotations in dozens of documents?


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          Hi Spinhead,

          Do you have Foxit Mobile pdf installed on your iPad? Have you uninstalled it? If not, you should see Foxit listed in App panel.

          Would you please try iTools to backup files? You can download it from the following link;

          iTools for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

          iTools for Mac OS

          Connect your device to computer and launch iTools, go to Apps, then refer to the attached screenshot to backup pdf files.
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            I understand that it SHOULD be there. It is not.

            The app is on my iPad, I assure you. It does NOT appear when I open iTunes on my computer.

            I don't want to lose these documents. Will iTools back this up even if iTunes can't see the app?


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              spinhead and all,

              The fix release version has just been released today. You may give the update a try. Thank you.


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                Appears fixed, thank you.