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Foxit Mobile on ipad syncs in only one direction with OneDrive

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  • Foxit Mobile on ipad syncs in only one direction with OneDrive

    When I try to sync Foxit on my ipad, my Foxit folders and files are not showing up in my OneDrive. However, changes in the OneDrive fodler associated with Foxit will sync and show up in my ipad Foxit. This is why I say that syncing is only working in one direction - from OneDrive to Foxit. But I would really like to backup my ipad Foxit into One Drive, and that is not working. May I ask for help with this situation? Thanks

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    Please let us know which version of Foxit MobilePDF Reader you are using for now and also make screenshots that shows the problem so we could test and better advise. Thank you.


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      Hi - Thanks for replying. As I looked up the version I had another idea to try to make the sync work. 1) I copied all my Foxit folders into the designated Foxit sync folder. 2) I also deleted all the prior contents of the sync folder in One Drive. I don't know if both or just one of those actions was the key, but now I have had a successful full sync into OneDrive. Maybe the instructions in the user manual could be clearer about the steps and process to make a sync work. Thanks.


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        Hello pley,

        Thank you for the information. Foxit Mobile PDF only supports to sync files that are saved in the sync folder. Moving all the files saved in Foxit to the sync folder plays the trick to sync files from Foxit to cloud storage.