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Make mobile reader more like desktop version

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  • Feedback Make mobile reader more like desktop version

    Love both the readers for mobile and desktop, but find myself using mobile more and more now. Would definitely appreciate incorporating the features found on the PC version into the mobile one. More drawing commands/shapes, ability to paste images, ability to modify chosen font (underline, italic, bold), stamps, and better color selection of text/highlight/lines and figures. All of these are very useful while annotating marginal notes in my eTexts.

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    Mobile and PC reader both is user-friendly. Working in office or home, I recommend PC. Going or walking I recommend mobile or tablet. Both is good for users.


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      snoo Mobile and desktop are two different platforms and have different characters. It is hard for those two to have same functions but we would like to add more functions in Mobile app to make it more useful. Thank you for the feedback.