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  • Feature Crop, compatibility and full screen

    Those three features are fundamental to use foxit as a real pdf reader on mobiles. I've tried to use it on Android and iOS devices that I use for work, and the lack of those three single and simple features make me go back to other readers.
    - Crop all pages of a document, with the capability of making mirror cropping (opposite cropping for even and odd pages)
    - Compatibility of annotations. I want to be able to have all my annotations (text, textmarkings, notes, pen, lines, circles, arrows) when I send the annotated document to people who have other readers. Mainly acrobat and pdfmax. And annotations from them to come back to me.
    - Read in full screen

    I use fox it to read and annotate pdf files on windows and i have recommended it thousands of times (I've been using it since 2006). However, windows systems are becoming obsolete for reading, (while still important to open, share and reference).

    Congratulations for your great software, and count on me to spread the word about the mobile reader once you solve those annoying missings....

    You are getting very close to create an ecosystem for PDF reading and annotation. By the way, an OS X version is a must. I use your software for my work, but I really miss it when reviewing articles for hobbies when I m at home.