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    Hello, is Foxit Mobile reader(Android) supposed to save/embed bookmarks into pdf?
    When I use Foxit Mobile reader and add bookmarks to a pdf it works fine on my Android.
    However, when I later open the same pdf file on desktop(Windows) Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader I can't see any bookmarks. Comments added in the mobile reader work as expected, though.
    Are the bookmarks saved into some external (Foxit mobile reader-specific) file? Would be nice if mobile reader's bookmarks could be shown in other pdf readers(at least desktop Foxit), too.

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    Hi nthg,

    Thank you for the post. Currently bookmarks are saved into device and could not be exported to other devices. Your suggestion has been reported to our product team for evaluation with feature ID:MOBILE-891. We will keep you informed if the feature is available in our Android version.


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      It would be extremely helpful for this feature to be made available as soon as possible, as would the ability to export annotations to the external SD card (on Android), or even better, to simply save all changes into the PDF in question.


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        Within Android V4.4 and greater versions, we are only able to read PDF files saved in SD cards and fail to save changes after modification, because Android KitKat Blocks Some Access to SD Cards.More details,please refer to the following page:
        You can edit files and save them by moving them to internal memory card.