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    It is not presently possible to save Bookmarks created in Foxit for Android into the pdf itself so that they are visible in Foxit for Windows (and since I work with pdfs in Android a great deal, and then later need to view them on my PC, this is rather annoying, and I do hope this capability is added to the Android app soon).

    Can anyone recommend an Android app which will save bookmarks (and annotations) into a pdf, and additionally will save a pdf to my tablet's external SD card? I can't seem to find an app which will do all of the above.

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    Dear smilejack1,

    Currently, those bookmarks that we have added in Foxit Mobile PDF for Android are all stored temporarily in existing device rather than PDF file itself. So bookmarks won't be visible in PDF file if you have the file opened in another device.
    For this situation,I have submitted the suggestion"Save bookmarks created in Android Reader to PDF file"to our internal feature system for our product marketing's reference with suggestion ID#MOBILE-891.

    Within Android V4.4+, we are only able to read PDF files saved in SD cards and fail to save changes after modification, because Android KitKat Blocks Some Access to SD Cards.More details,please refer to the following page:
    You can edit files and save them by moving them to internal memory card.