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Sync file instead of folder in iPad app

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  • Feature Sync file instead of folder in iPad app

    Hi, As of now, I am able to sync a folder from ftp location and sync back the changes. However I want to sync only one book in a folder to read. So that I can save local storage and sync processing. Kindly let me know if this feature can be incorporated.

    Just one correction in the subject. I would like to see the sync file feature in addition to folder sync feature. Folder sync is also very handy feature.
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    Thanks for the post. I've forwarded your comments about supporting to sync file in Foxit Reader for iPad to PM team for processing. Suggestion ID#: MOB-2368. We'll posted the update here. Or you may email to [email protected] with this ID# to track the processing status. Thank you.


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      Thank you for considering.


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        Foxit app is simply displaying a blank white screen and crashes itself gradually after few sec. The app used to work fine on my iPad Pro running iOS 10. However on iOS 11.4 its not working at all. Any solution guys?

        Update: The app now seem to be working fine right upon an uninstall and reinstallation.
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          Simply clear your app cache data and reinstall app on your iPad. It's working fine and smoothly.
          Cheers & Thanks.!


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            Foxit application is just showing a clear white screen and crashes itself progressively after couple of sec. The application used to work fine on my iPad Pro running iOS 10. Anyway on iOS 11.4 its not working by any means. Any arrangement folks?



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              johns111 ,Dear johns111,

              I apologize for the trouble.We suggest you try to reinstall the app to see if it will any change? Please Please back up your file first before re-installation. Otherwise, the files will be removed along with the deletion of the app.
              Here are the steps to back up files.
              1 Install iTunes or iTool on a computer.
              2 Use USB data cable to connect the device to computer and then iTunes/iTool will launch and recognize the device.
              3 Find Foxit Mobile PDF in App list and export all documents into your computer.

              If the issue still persists after you reinstall it,please help to send us below information for us to debug this issue:
              1:Your device model(such as ipad 3).
              2oes the app crash immediately when you try to open it?
              3:Please help to collect the crashlog for further investigation, it needs the program iTools, you can download it from the following link, and install it on your computer.
              iTools for Windows 7/8/8.1/10:
              iTools for Mac OS:
              After install, please connect your device to computer and launch iTools, run Foxit again to reproduce the issue, then go to Toolbox>Crash Log(see the screenshot), send us the log.